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I was a late bloomer, not that I didn't see life in frames long before it became a profession. I saw it (and ignored it) through college and through my time working at family-owned Overseas Manpower Agency. It was only in 2010 that photography made its presence felt in a way that was more than just a passion on the side. As more and more equipment found its way into my home. More snapshots filled my computer. More frames called for capture. Photography was here to stay. An extensive & specialised course in photography followed at Center for The Visual Arts (mumbai) and before I knew it, Joy Manavath Photography was live and swimming in creative work by 2011.

From then to now i have had the opportunity to built my portfolio by working with some of the most renowned & established agencies in hospitality & food. This gave me the bandwidth to explore all the verticals from that industry such as hotels, cafes, bars, QSR chains & coffee houses and even food magazines.    

The fun bit about creativity is that avenues are limitless. So, though my principal strengths lie in shooting food and interiors, travel assignments, portraits, candids are becoming equally important pillars in my portfolio; so much so, that icapturejoy.com lives on as an entirely new entity for my work on conceptual wedding photography. 

Henri Cartier-Bresson once said: “Photography is nothing, it’s life that interests me.” So, while I learnt the art and understood its technique, my primary focus stayed more with the form of photography, as is fairly evident in my work.

We see things differently, and if I know anything, it is that perspective is everything. Photography gives me a chance to tell a story the way I see it, not necessarily how it actually is. I am a complete food, beer & coffee enthusiast, and well, photography gives me a chance to be around them. What else is there, really? 


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Location : Mumbai, Maharashtra (India)

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